Names of our Glyptodon

The results of our ‘name Glyptodon‘ contest are in, and she will be called:

 Shelley the Glyptodon‘.

Here we want to share the many creative and inventive suggestions made, and thank you all for participating, by suggesting names or voting for your favorite, as well as for showing your appreciation for our own Wesleyan Shelley the Glyptodon

We asked to suggest a name for our Glyptodon, as well as explain whether and why she would like that name.

A committee of five looked at the list of proposed names independently, and each person selected five names. The  names mentioned most often by the people in the committee made the short list, on which was voted. 

Ariel: Gender neutral name in Spanish; title of the most famous book ever written by a Uruguayan, José Enrique Rodo.

Amy Dillo!: She will ADORE this name. Because it is her name. I would know, because I too have spent a lot of time in the Exley basement and that’s what she introduced herself to me as.

Beetle!: Yes! Glyptodons were about the same size and weight as a Volkswagen Beetle so it is a nice reminder of how cool she is. Also, it’s adorable to call big creatures with small names. Beetles are so small and she is so big (#no_body_shame).

Big Bertha: She’s the size of a car! She ought to be honoured for her size.

Big Turtle Thing: I think it doesn’t matter to her because she has not been sentient for many years.

Boaty McBoatface: She’ll appreciate the nod towards a previous naming competition (for a research vessel). She’ll appreciate the publicity that descends upon her institution for such a quirky, creative name.

Cardina/Cardinah: Yes! Of course, it’s perfect.

  1. Wesleyan connection: it sounds very close to Cardinal, our beloved
  2. Cardo means hinge in Latin. Doors had to be taken off hinges to bring our new friend to public view
  3. Dinosaur relation: glyptodons which are described as “giant armadillos” are related to dinosaurs, hence Dina (which is close to Dino, short for dinosaur). Armadillos are sometimes referred to as “modern-day dinosaurs” because of their bony shell
  4. Dina/Dinah in Hebrew means vindicated which means show/prove to be right/reasonable. That is the purpose of fossils- they are evidence that these magnificent animals once roamed the earth

Carol: She has the wisdom and self- confidence of a 60-year-old woman with three adult children. She is strong and stern, but caring, too. She has earned our respect and deserves to be treated like the self-possessed woman that she has become.

Dorothy Larmour: Dorthy Larmour screams glamour, fun, and prestige. Who wouldn’t want to be associated with that?!

Edna: Edna = female Eddie (the Glyptodon from the movie Ice Age).

Ellen: Because it will remind this lucky Glyptodon of the efforts of her brilliant, cool creator, who has created something that the whole Wesleyan community will enjoy in the years to come!!!!! If you want the name to reflect the efforts of women in science, choose the name of a professor whose scientific work inspires Wesleyan students.

Genesis: Because she is the first to be here!

Georgette: It is sophisticated and pretty.

Gippy: Of course! Gippy wants everyone to know that she’s a glyptodon, not a dinosaur. If she could, she’d jump up and say, “yippie.”

Giuliana: It is a very popular argentinian name and argentina is one of 3 countries glyptodons have been discovered in. It also begins with a G like the species name and looking at the fossil she looks like a Giuliana

Gjerta: Of course – Gjerta means protection, and if her large shell is any indication, she certainly needs a lot of it.

Gladys the Glyptodon you Gorgeous Giggling Gal! Good Golly it’s Grand to Gaze upon you Gladys!: It’s a name that is simple, elegant, and sonically pleasing. I have no doubt she’ll love the name.

Glapys the Glyptodon: Aside from the appealing alliteration, Glapys is a pun on both the given name “Gladys” and the Latin word “lapis,” which means stone.

Gleep Gloop: Yes, it sounds like beep boop which is a fun sound noise.

Glenda! (The Glyptodon): She’s a good old gal and she’s ready to greet everyone like a friend. Glenda is a friendly good old gal name.

Glynda: Yes, because the ancient heritage of her name means good and pure, which is fitting with her stately new home in Exley.

Glynda: Glynda the Glyptadon is a wonderful name; the alliteration alone makes it worthwhile, as well as the reference to Glinda, the good witch in the Wizard of Oz. The melding of theatre and science in this name is what a Wesleyan education is all about. Glinda, like Glynda, brings joy and happiness, as well as a feeling of home; Glynda welcomes students home to scili much like the ruby slippers bring Dorothy home to Kansas. Also like Glinda, Glynda maintains her beauty and grace despite having lived much longer than anyone would have expected. This name would pay homage to a very powerful magic heroine, and after all, magic is really just science in the end.

Glynis (full name: Glynis the Glitch): Yes, definitely. The name reminds everyone of who she is and how she came to be (again) at Wes: Glynis is simply the only good name for a Glyptodon (Glynis comes from good, even holy, is the only name that starts with “gly,” and is a bit old- fashioned like the Glyptodon that she is). And “the Glitch” is the only good “last” name for a lost Glyptodon who was found by chance, and with a “slight” glitch (no head). Glynis loves that her name captures her identity, her history, and her quirky yet old-fashioned personality.

Glypta the Good Witch: Yes!! It will make her feel both pretty and powerful, and remind her daily that she is good, which is a hard thing to remember for anyone.

Glypto-Rhonda: She will love her name because she chose it! You see she’s a fighter. She’s been taking a break from the ring for the past 10,000 or so years. But now she’s back and ready to get back in the spotlight! She actually chose this name after she was watching some old fights (for training purposes) and came across a fighter with fire in her eyes. She believes Ronda Rousey deserves the belt and Glypto-Rhonda has proclaimed that she’s gonna win it in her name! Get ready to see her whip her opponents tails, with her own! Glypto-Rhonda’s back in the game!!

GlyptoBae: Yes!! She is the collective bae of our entire school- a friend, lover, confidante, leader to all. She is a Glyptodon, but she is OUR GlyptoBae.

Glyptodonatella: The Glyptodon is well-travelled. She has a love for multi-syllable names. She is fierce and deserving of an equally fierce name.

Glyptodon McGlyptodonface: Who wouldn’t love this name?

Glyptomaniac: Modeled after the word kleptomaniac, which describes a person with irresistible urges to steal, this name is appropriate because she has yet to fail to steal my heart or the hearts of those around me. Mesmerizing. Iconic. Glyptomaniac.

Groovy Tooth: She’s been called “glyptodon” in the past, for her grooved (Greek: glyptos) teeth (dont). After awakening from decades of slumber, I’m sure she felt just a little left behind. Who wouldn’t, when surrounded by strange phrases like “that’s lit, man” and “rad, bro”? Therefore, I’m sure updating her name to “Groovy Tooth” would would help her feel a stronger sense of belonging at the new Wesleyan, while still preserving the essence of her original name.

Guiomar: I have been thinking of names for our beloved Glyptodon. After some research I see that the glyptodon originates from South American countries, often times from places where Portuguese is spoken. I looked into some Portuguese names and I found the Unisex name “Guiomar” — unisex because since we don’t know it’s specific biological gender. Guiomar (pronounced Gee-o- mar) is the name of a famous war hero. I think that is fitting for our glyptodon who has survived a type of war itself; and emerged a celebrity hero for all to bow down to!!! Source;  Other definitions of Guiomar describe someone who enjoys the freedom to do as they please, loathes restriction, and loves to be the center of attention! I find that quite fitting as well.

Gwendolyn: Yes I think she’ll love it because it’s a name full of character–just like her! We can call her Gwen (Stefani) for short. The name reflects her star quality.

Gyna: Yes because is close to her species name.

Jeff: All good things are named Jeff.

Joni Mitchell: I think she will love it or at least she would if she heard Joni Mitchell sing California. Beautiful song.

Karen: No, because no one loves being named Karen, they just are.

Lulu: Yes, she will love the name. It rolls off the tongue, “Lulu the Glyptodon.” Plus it really fits her personality. In addition it’s a somewhat gender neutral name, and it is a variation on lolo, which would be too near to “armadillo” which glyptodons are related to.

Mary Shelley (fondly just Mary): I think she will love the name because it speaks to her physique (she has a shell) and her style (she’s a classy lady). She also is a fossil that has been put back together again, with some missing/replacement parts, and I think she’d appreciate the allusion to Mary Shelley’s infamous novel, Frankenstein.

Lionturtle: The lion turtles are ancient beings that gave humans the power to control elements. This allowed them to venture deep into the spirit wilds. Many years ago a man named Wan ventured to four separate lion turtles to collect the powers of the four elements: water, earth, fire, and air. Thus began the cycle of the Avatar. In more recent history, a lion turtle taught avatar aang how to non violently strip a bender of their powers. Because of this awesome power, avatar aang successfully stopped the imperial campaign of the fire nation without taking Phoenix King Ozai’s life. I believe the Glyptodon represents a similar power to the Wesleyan community. Only she doesn’t give us the power of bending — she gives us the power of friendship.

Maya: Maya is a very fun name. It’s playful, spunky, full of zest—just like our friendly neighborhood Glyptodon. The name Maya  invites us to create nicknames: MyMy, Mypie, MayaPapaya, and  many more. In Hindu tradition and philosophy, the name Maya has significance as a reference  to mystical powers, similar to the mysterious aura that the fossil emits. Maya is a strong name, suitable for a strong Glyptodon!.

Mishell Oldmama: Yes – to be linked to a powerful person in history as Michelle Obama would be a privilege!

My Cherie Armour: It bespeaks of her inner beauty, and attractiveness.

Noodle: My sister’s dog is named Noodle and she’d be thrilled to know there’s a Glyptodon named after her..

Ozzy: It’ll be short for Ozbourne the Odd Born and she’ll love the pride it gives to her uniqueness and individuality!

Pleistocene Pam: She’ll fondly recall how she flourished between the Pliocene and Holocene epochs

Richael Moth: Yes, because she is the heart and soul of Wesleyan University and deserves to give the commencement address every year.

Rita Goode: First name derived from Emerita, the highest title given to female faculty by recognizing a lifetime of scholarship and impact on learners. Last name honors the first curator of Wesleyan’s Museum of Natural History: George Brown Goode, class of 1870.

Rolly-Poley: She will adore the name so much that when we yell “Come here Rolly-Poley,” she will roll into an enormous ball of cuteness..

Scary Mary “Shelly”: Duh, because she is monstrous and scary.

Selena: You know..

Shangela (so we’d scream halleloo): Every time you pass the Glyptodon, do you ever scream “halleloo”? Is that just me? I swear I can hear someone else saying it when I sit in SciLi. Our Glyptodon – just like Shangela from RuPaul’s Drag Race – has charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent. She oozes confidence that it takes to become America’s next fossil superstar. Her camp exudes success over her minions throughout Wesleyan. It is only appropriate then we name her after America’s Number 1 drag talent, as they both share all these attributes. They set examples of what a Wesleyan student should achieve to be and have persevered after all these seasons.

Shelley: Yes because it will make her feel powerful and safe.

“Shelly” Long, long ago: She’s likes to binge watch old Cheers episodes.

Shelley: It is a name with which she can relate and identify in very personal ways. In other words, she can see herself in that name. Moreover, it’s a name that rolls off one’s tongue and, if she doesn’t like it, it will equally roll right off her back..

Shellie: I think she will absolutely love her name! She has a beautiful, eye- catching shell and we should all let her know. It’s also a fun and playful name, reflecting her whimsical and free-spirited nature. I honestly don’t think any other name would sit right.

Shelly: Shelly is a very motherly name, showing her protectiveness of her young Glyptodons. Also her large shell makes her recognizable by name.

Spike X Lee: Absolutely! It rejects gender normative naming conventions and acknowledges both her awesomeness and the building she lives in (X Lee = Exley).

Snorlax: Yes! Glyptodon is part of the superorder of placental mammals known as Xenarthra. This clade of mammals also includes sloths, which I believe Snorlax is modeled after. It is presumed large glyptodonts were bulk feeders, as is Snorlax. The Glyptodon and Snorlax share many physical similarities, such as their round shape, feet with three claws, slow movements, and pronounced jaw structure. In addition, the Glyptodon’s appearance of waking from a long slumber fits perfectly with Snorlax’s reputation for being a heavy sleeper. Snorlax is known for being very docile and friendly, and I believe that if Wesleyan’s Glyptodon adopted a name associated with the adored Pokemon creature, then many students will come to love the Glyptodon and become fans of it in a similar way. It’s a fun name that will get the Wesleyan community involved, and I believe Snorlax perfectly captures the character and personality of our Glyptodon.

Sunnyside!: She will love the name because when I looked up pictures of glyptodons I was struck by how much they are like big, happy eggs! If not Sunnyside, we should definitely call her by some other egg-related name– it’s just too fitting, given the huge rounded shell! I chose this name specifically because it is a positive, nice sounding name that fills you with warmth.

The Glyper: Its unique-ish; Win one for the glyper!.

Volkswagen Beetle: She is dead, she can’t think. I didn’t become an archaeology student because I wanted to deal with things that are alive!!! But we will love her.

Willburina: at first she may be concerned about its unusual nature, but when she realizes there are no others of her kind around to make fun of it, she will be fine.

Xena!: You bet she will. The Glyptodon’s superorder, under scientific classification, is Xenarthra, which means “strange joints.” Their vertebral joints have extra articulations unlike other mammals. Xena’s carapace also looks like Xena the warrior princess’s armor. That Xena, according to Wikipedia, used her “formidable fighting skills to help people.” Will this Xena help people? You betcha! (She’s already helped me by making Wes a more inviting place to be. I’m not exaggerating when I say visits to her, and bringing friends to see her, got me through midterms.) Additionally, Xena comes from the Greek “xenos,” which translates to “stranger.” Poor girl has been missing from Wes’s collections for a while. So much has changed since she last saw the WesWorld. She’s a stranger in a strange land. But she’s back, like any great warrior princess, to claim her name and prove her badassery.